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work life balance

Work-life maintenance theory

According to Doyon and Limoges (2005) Professional maintenance consists of set strategies that will enable workers to avoid both exhaustion and obsolescence.

Caron (2001, as cited by Doyon & Limoges, 2005), identifies over thirty strategies for career management whose goals is maintenance, through addition or removal (imagine a bank account as a metaphor – the goal being to maintain your bank account in the positive).

work life balance

To be effective, the “maintainer” must consider at least four aspects

  • use at least a dozen strategies
  • systematically exploit the two spheres
  • in each of the spheres, widely diversify the interaction objects
  • use a little more additions than withdrawals.

Thus, a counsellor could help their client’s to what extent they are over withdrawing from the intrapersonal sphere (saying yes when they really mean no), and help their client’s to balance their account by decreasing such tendencies, while also increasing use of their interpersonal sphere.

For example, the counsellor might encourage a client to say no after a specific number of requests from a co-worker. Of course, an effective “maintainer” will use a few more additions, as this will encourage others to refund her and thus keep the client’s account balanced. Thus, the counsellor should encourage their client’s to find ways to repay their colleagues, this can be achieved using a technique called “Taking Stock”. Example, after a certian number of requests a client might say no to a co-workers request and remind the co-worker that they have helped on numerous occasions (retrospective), but while offering a prospective (future-based) counter-offer (action), in the eminent future, such as helping their co-worker with a specific task (addition) the following day (short-term).

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