It’s My Parents Fault: Using Our Past For a Better Future

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A phrase we hear often from clients “Its my parents fault….” our parents may be responsible for some of our shortcomings. However, there are other important factors that play a role in our upbringing.

Join us as we explore how our childhood can negatively wire our brains. This is an event that will change the way we THINK and ACT forever! Using simple, yet highly effective strategies, we will teach how to retrain our brains so we can live happier healthier lives.This is an event that will change the way we THINK and ACT forever!

Main Topics:

Schemas: What are they and how do they impact us.

Phantom Parents: How they impact us even when we no longer live together.

Mind Traps: Recognizing and challenging your thinking patterns.

learning how to manage our emotions

Better understanding of how our past is affecting our present.

Ivan Rubio (President)
Robert Wise (Vice-President)

25$ (get tickets in advance a receive 10$ back at the door)
25$ (at the door)

When: Wednesday, October 18th

Where: 4795 St. Charles Blvd, Pierrefonds, QC H9H 3Z1

When: 7pm – 8:30pm

light snacks and beverages will be served

we offer insurance receipts

Space limited!


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