Career Orientation Self-esteem

Career Orientation Case Study (Part 3): Application of Various Theories and Approaches

Revised career development a feminine design (Devenir)

Devenir, a program designed for women in the workforce, has three main objectives: 1) establish a plan of significant meaning for the future which is realistic and achievable 2) start, resume or continue progress towards achieving life goals and 3) gaining greater control over their lives (Spain et. al. 1998). Devenir contains some fifty activities (not discussed in this article) grouped under three themes: 1) self-understanding 2) knowledge of the environment and 3) education of planning. Although these themes are similar to the conventional structure of an orientation process, it is their emphasis on relational content that distinguishes them.  


Thus, a counselor can assist Jane gain increased power over her life by establishing meaningful future projects towards which she can progress, while focusing on the relational aspect. For example, Jane might decide that having better intrapersonal relationships might be one of her projects. Thus, a counselor might help Jane to understand where her difficulty to say no stems from, provide her with tools (such as material on assertiveness and on maintaining intrapersonal relationships) that she can use to improve her intrapersonal relationships. Then the counsellor could help her to set up an action plan which would enable her, through practice, to move towards her goal. For example, practice two of the six steps from assertiveness 1) make a factual observation of a situation through the use of I statements and 2) make a request based on her needs (Bourne, 2005). Then combine this with part of the “Taking Stock” technique (offering a prospective counter-offer), in order to try and build and maintain relational alliance (Doyon and Limoges, 2005). This might look as follow: Mary, I understand you are overwhelmed and need help, however right now I need to finish these files. However, if tomorrow you still need help, I will gladly help to the extent that I can.


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