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Audio-Book: One Hour to Better Relationships

!Audio-Book Now available for purchase!


Unlock the full potential of interpersonal communication and improve your relationships!

This is a short practical tool which is meant to help you improve your relationships. It contains practical examples that demonstrate how you can apply the theory and techniques that I discuss, into your everyday life!

You can find it on: Amazon, Google play, and Spotify!

The cost varies across platforms, but generally, you can purchase it for about 5$ (Can)!. You can purchase the chapters individually on Google play for 1.99$!

You can also purchase PDF and Kindle versions by click on the “more” tab on the menu bar and visiting my shop.

Audio-Book Preview

Preview chap 1: Cognitive Distortions

Preview chap 2: Attachment Styles

Preview chap 3: Assertiveness and Effective Communication

Preview chap 4: Psychological Flooding and Relationships

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Google play and Spotify!

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