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A Case Study (Part 3): Treating Comorbid Post-traumatic stress disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder and Depression, an Integrative Approach

Based on what has been discussed thus far, a general CBT treatment plan for any anxiety and or mood disorders would resemble the following. Firstly, there will be an assessment, which will include initial clinical evaluation of anxiety and or depressive symptoms, tests and other evaluations, and consideration of medication. This is followed by socialization to treatment, here amongst many things, the clinician will give client their diagnostic impression, explain how anxiety and or depression works, give the client a general idea of what CBT is and how it is used to treat their disorder. Based on the assessment, the clinician and client will collaboratively establish goals that they can work towards together. Then clinician would use various cognitive and behavioral interventions to help the client achieve targeted goals. Treatment plans will vary depending on what is being treated (anxiety or depression), but ultimately they will have the same objective, to reinforce healthier more adaptive cognitive and behavioral processes (Leahy & Holland, 2000).


An integrated approach. In terms of treatment plans for comorbidity, there are a variety of approaches: Sequential (treat one disorder, then the other), Parallel or concurrent (treat each disorder but separately, often by different providers, such anxiety clinic vs. hospital). An integrated approach encompasses treating comorbid disorders at the same time by same provider, while focusing on commonalities between disorders (Najavitis et al., 2008). Treating comorbid PTSD, GAD and Depression using and integrated approach is the focus of this literature review, thus, the remainder of this section will discuss the main characteristics and commonalities of these disorders. How the commonalities would be used to create a treatment plan will be discussed in the case formulation section.

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